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April 2014 Entries [1]


In This Issue: Diederik Krols, Mike Taulty, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Joost van Schaik , Senthil Kumar, Michael Crump, Fons Sonnemans, Andrea Boschin, Nick, Tim Heuer,

Above The Fold:
W8.1 Hub Tricks: "Using the Windows 8.1 Hub as an ItemsControl"
Diederik Krols
8.1 AppBarHint control: "Build for both = a very simple wp8 style app bar hint control for Windows Store apps"
Joost van Schaik
MVVM/UserCotrols/Behaviors: "The role of Behaviors and UserControls in the MVVM paradigm"
Andrea Boschin


Dan Wahlin's The XAML Magazine

Michael Palermo's Upcoming Events

Michael Washington's Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily

Nick Landry's windows phone developer

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows 8.1: Accounts, Settings, Authentication, Azure Mobile Services
Mike Taulty has a good 8.1 tutorial up on Azure Mobile Services with user authentication and a link to a build video on the settings charm additions to 8.1
Using the Windows 8.1 Hub as an ItemsControl
Diederik Krols offers up an extension to the 8.1 Hub with ItensSource and Item Template properties... making it much more MVVM-friendly
Event Bubbling and Capturing in JavaScript
Kirupa Chinnathambi continues his JS discussions with this one on Event Bubbling and Capturing... you might want to visit his Events tutorial first, and he shares a link to it early in the post
Build for both - a very simple wp8 style app bar hint control for Windows Store apps
Joost van Schaik shares his version of a HintBar controls for Windows 8 similar to a collapsed appbar in WP8
Visual Studio 2013 Tips & Tricks - Incremental search
Senthil Kumar quickly discusses the Incremental Search available in VS in case you're not familiar with it.
Windows Phone 8 Blank Project Template for Visual Studio 2013
Michael Crump reprises his Blank WP8 Project Template for VS2013, with assitance on using it too
Windows 8 XAML Tips - Conditional Behaviors
Fons Sonnemans shares how to use the Actions in the Behaviors SDK to relay execution resulst or help building conditional behaviors
The role of Behaviors and UserControls in the MVVM paradigm
Andrea Boschin has a quite interesting post up discussing Behaviors and UserControls... when is one needed over the other?
Conditional Includes with Visual Studio Project Files
Nick shares a way to keep your conditional builds from getting confused in the heat of battle
Using AppBarButton in Windows 8.1
An oldie but a goodie by Tim Heuer on using the AppBarButton in Windows 8.1 XAML

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