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In This Issue: Tony Champion, Pete Brown, Koen Zwikstra (-2-), Billy Chow, Andrew Duthie, Paul S. Patterson, Bety Massi, Laurent Bugnion, Morten Nielsen, Den Delimarsky, Michael Palermo, and Yavor Georgiev.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight 5: "Announcing the Release of Silverlight 5!"
Pete Brown
Silverlight 5: "Silverlight Diff Lists"
Koen Zwikstra
Metro: "UX guidelines for Metro style app development"
Billy Chow
W8: "Make your Windows 8 Video App use the PlayTo feature"
Morten Nielsen


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

1st Day of Silverlight: Native Windows
As Tony Champion says, what would be better than to start a new blog series on the "12 Days of Silverlight"? ... and that's what he's doing... first up, this post on native windows.
Announcing the Release of Silverlight 5!
Pete Brown always says it best... for those of you that have not read Pete's post on the Silverlight 5 release, here it is
Silverlight Diff Lists
Koen Zwikstra has been putting out these diff lists and they're almost indispensible in finding your way through what is new in each version
Silverlight Spy December 2011 Update
Koen Zwikstra has also released an update to his excellent SilverlightSpy tool that covers Silverlight 5!
UX guidelines for Metro style app development
In this post from just after //BUILD, Billy Chow discusses UX guidelines for building your Metro app... I'm thinking this is probably good info if you're going to try for the contest
Visualizing Layout in HTML5 Canvas with Gridlines
Andrew Duthie shares a function he put together to help visualize the different ways to draw and manipulate objects in an HTML5 Canvas object
The Health and Safety Management System - Created with LightSwitch
Paul S. Patterson has a great entry in the LightSwitch contest at CodeProject. Obviously since this is a contest entry, not all the code is given, but there are some hints and tips and code bits, and a great-looking app
Beginning LightSwitch Part 2: Feel the Love - Defining Data Relationships
Beth Massi has Part 2 of her Beginning LightSwitch series up, as the subject says, this is about data relationships... as in relationships between tables.
MVVM Light for Silverlight 5 is on Codeplex #mvvmlight
Immediately after the release of Silverlight 5, Laurent Bugnion has his MVVMLight ready to go on CodePlex for 5.
Make your Windows 8 Video App use the PlayTo feature
Morten Nielsen has a post up about setting up Play To and Media Sharing for Metro Style Apps... based on a white paper of that title that he gives the link to, but also the down-and-dirty quick bits to make it happen
More locked apps in the Mango emulator
Den Delimarsky has already posted about accessing locked apps on Mango devices, but now he's back with more.
HTML5 Form Input Enhancements: Form Validation, CSS3, and JavaScript
Michael Palermo has a post out at DevProConnections about HTML5 form input features which improve validation and enhance CSS3 form styling
RIA Services SP2 RTW released
Yavor Georgiev announces the release of WCF RIA Services V1 SP2... essentially meaning, for SL5

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