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In This Issue: Braulio Díez Botella, Laurent Bugnion, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Pete Brown, Mijail Cisneros, Tony Champion (-2-), Beth Massi, and Colin Eberhardt.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight 5: "4th Day of Silverlight: Linked and Multi-Column Text"
Tony Champion
LightSwitch: "Beginning LightSwitch Part 3: Screen Templates, Which One Do I Choose?"
Beth Massi
WP7: "A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap Example"
Colin Eberhardt


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Just Published on Codeplex SDNavigation WP7 + MVVM + Navigation Framework
Braulio Díez Botella posted that he and Carlos Hernandez have collaborated on a new WP7/MVVM Navigation framework for WP7 on Codeplex... It's called SDNavigation... check it out
MVVM Light installers and Nuget (including Silverlight 5) #mvvmlight
Laurent Bugnion announced MSI installers with Silverlight 5 support and NuGet support also including SL5 for his MVVMLight toolkit
Learning HTML 5: Detecting HTML5 feature supported in browser using ModernIZR
Dhananjay Kumar describes the use of an open source JS file that detects if a specific feature is supported on your user's machine
Part 34 - Windows Phone 7 - Download Image ProgressBar
In his 34th post in his WP7 series, Sumit Dutta shows how to display a download progress bar and percentage while downloading images
Slides and Code from my VSLive Silverlight 5, REST, WCF Web API, MVC talk
Pete Brown has posted the slides and code from his VSLive presentation on a smorgasbord of SL5 topics... based on 2 chapters of his great book... you're going to buy it right??
Network Information on Windows Phone
Mijail Cisneros suggests most WP7 devs know about the DeviceNetworkInformation class, but if you want more info than that, did you know about the NetworkInterfaceList class?
3rd Day of Silverlight: Databinding Debugging
On Day 3 of his 12 Days of Silverlight (5), Tony Champion is all over XAML debugging.. great discussion and code to download
4th Day of Silverlight: Linked and Multi-Column Text
In his 4th of 12 Days of Silverlight posts, Tony Champion digs into the new RichText features allowing text to flow from one point to another... again lots of description and code
Beginning LightSwitch Part 3: Screen Templates, Which One Do I Choose?
In Beth Massi's 3rd part in her LightSwitch intro series, she's talking about screens. Read how LightSwitch makes the creation of screens very easy.
A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap Example
Colin Eberhardt has another great PhoneGap post up describing a very simple example for anyone wanting to host static HTML content as a WP7 app

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