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In This Christmas Eve Issue: Tony Champion (-2-), Colin Eberhardt, Sumit Dutta, Michael Washington, Beth Massi, Nick Harris, WindowsPhoneGeek, Peter Foot, Bill Simser, Dhananjay Kumar, Jesse Liberty, and Michael Crump.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight 5:: "9th Day of Silverlight : Implicit Data Templates"
Tony Champion
WP7: "A Festive and Fun Windows Phone 7 Maze Game"
Colin Eberhardt
LightSwitch: "Beginning LightSwitch Part 6: I Feel Pretty! Customizing the "Look and Feel" with Themes"
Beth Massi


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

8th Day of Silverlight : Vector Printing
In Tony Champion's 8th Day of Silverlight 5 he's discussing the ins and outs of vector printing
9th Day of Silverlight : Implicit Data Templates
Tony Champion's 9th Day of Silverlight 5 is on Implicit Data Templates and as with others, he starts off with a great example demonstrtaing the whole deal, then builds up from there with a great downloadable project.
A Festive and Fun Windows Phone 7 Maze Game
Colin Eberhardt apparently had some free time and decided to write a maze game for WP7 and share it and discussion with us all... demo video looks great!
Windows Phone 7 - Details of Songs, Albums, Artists and Genres using MediaLibrary
Sumit Dutta's 36th WP7 post is about using the MediaLibrary, and provides an example of breaking out all the details in a WP7 page, then demonstrates Album, Artist, and Genre details as well
Oh, And It's Also All About Productivity
Michael Washington has another LightSwitch editorial post out talking about the productivity enhancement gained by using LightSwitch
Beginning LightSwitch Part 6: I Feel Pretty! Customizing the "Look and Feel" with Themes
In here latest (6th in the series) LightSwitch post, Beth Massi discusses theming.. love the 'I Feel Pretty' tag line ... read this and you'll know how to apply a theme to your LightSwitch app
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 Version 1.1.0 CTP Released
Nick Harris has announced a release of a new CTP of the Azure toolkit for W8 ... he gives a list of changes and links to everything plus a 3 minute preview demo video
Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #1: Intro
WindowsPhoneGeek has a new series going for WP7 beginners... this is the intro post with information about building apps in general
Developer Unlock Expiry
Peter Foot walks through the process of re-unlocking a device if you go past the expiration date... it may not be an obvious thing.
Some JSON Resources For You
Bill Simser offers up a list of JSON tools he uses ... if you're so disposed, you may want to check these out
How to consume WCF REST Service with JSON in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar has a 4-part series up walking through creating and consuming both a simple and complex WCF Rest service for WP7
DecryptR Part 2
Jesse Liberty follows up his first DecryptR game post with this post of improvements in readability and user interaction
Taking a look at the Windows Simulator in Visual Studio 11
Michael Crump's latest post is an investigation into debugging a Metro app in VS2011 and using the Emulator including how to emulate all the touch gestures, screen roation, and resizing

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